"Design is not just what it looks like, design is how it works" SteveJobs





Appliances add the finishing touch to any kitchen. The products you choose need to compliment the design look and feel and are just as important as picking the colour, the layout and the furniture. We have chosen to partner with a select number of company's that we know deliver the same high quality that we expect in every job. Each brand offers a wide range of appliances to suit you and the personality of your new kitchen. We also believe in added value for our customers so our designers have been fully trained in the newest appliance technology to ensure you get the most out of your chosen products.

Our service is all about going above and beyond for each individual customer, here's a quick testimonial to show you just what that means:

"I am a cake maker and so when we were planning our home alterations and new kitchen I knew I wanted to have at least 2 fan ovens, a microwave and deep proving oven.  I was undecided about which ovens to go for so Brian offered to let me use the showroom ovens to test them. I set up all my equipment and set too to bake 12 cakes!  I used all 4 ovens and all 4 baked perfectly, with an even bake. 

I’m happy with my choice and can’t wait from my kitchen to be finished to I can start baking at home!"

Sue Howard





Images in these galleries are stock photos provided by our manufacturers and are for illustration purposes only.  


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